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Kharian , a beautiful city in the region of Punjab is an ideal location for construction and development. Due to breathtaking views and astonishing location of Kharian , the city is titled as “ Little Norway of Pakistan” which is known as Kharian District.

Now the readers must be thinking apart from Kharian’s beautiful views and location what makes it entitled “ Little Norway of Pakistan”. For these questions, there is a need to look at some historical perspectives of Kharian.

Kharian’s past has long piqued people’s curiosity, and the city is regarded as one of the province’s most intriguing destinations. Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed was born in the city, which has produced some of the country’s most illustrious artists, entertainers, and martyrs.

Kharian is the place to go in Punjab if you want to see a true blend of urban and rural life. Tractors with loud engines and the sounds of Saraiki and Punjabi folk music can be heard from every part of this little town. Not to mention the magnificent sight of smoke curling up from brick kilns and clay hearths, which will help you feel more at home in the countryside.

However, when you explore this modest town with bricked cottages and grazing buffaloes, you’ll discover a few surprises, including the fact that this is not a hamlet. When you come across powerful infrastructure, villas with luxurious vehicles parked outside, and vertically developing companies in the same space as the hearty views of a community, the realisation will become evident.

As a result, if you find yourself in such a location, you will know that you have entered Pakistan’s Little Norway. Mini Norway, also known as Aalam Pur Gondlan village in Kharian, is a settlement in that region. The community has a total population of 2,000 individuals, according to latest statistics, with 400 of them residing in Norway with their families.

This migration to a small European country has changed not only the dynamics of life in the village, but it has also left an indelible mark on Norway, a country with a population of barely 5 million people. Around 50,000 Norwegians claim Pakistani ancestors now, with 70 percent hailing from Kharian. The Norwegian government is likewise intrigued by the fact, and various ambassadors and officials from the country visit the village on a regular basis.

The main cause for the enormous exodus from Aalam Pur Gondlan is that people learned that Norway offered more prospects than other European countries. According to an elderly villager in Kharian, the economic stability of this small village is unmatched. The majority of people are earning in Krones and are arranging special care for their families by either inviting them to Norway or sending sufficient funds home to ensure a better quality of life for them.

So, this is the short historical introduction of the beautiful Kharian city. Now let’s talk about how this city is important from a construction perspective and what future construction opportunities are available in the city. For such purposes the Kharian Site Development Plan has been issued  by MAC Architects. According to the Kharian Development Plan document the development comprises market survey and consumer behaviour, Kharian proposed a master plan, competitor analysis, growth strategy and total net worth of the Project.

Kharian Cantt Project

As mentioned above, Kharian is famous for its beautiful location and breathtaking views, therefore more and more people are heading to Kharian city for gaining the opportunity of a better lifestyle. As this increase in the population of Kharian demands construction of different housing projects to facilitate the 10,10,912 residents of the city has become an urgent need of the time. Therefore, to fulfil the housing needs, Kharian cantt site is located on main GT road opposite to Kharian , which makes the location more admirable and attractive. According to a recent survey by the kharian site development plan developers the site is perfect for the construction of almost 74 homes and 1 mega commercial place. The total networth of the project is 1750 million which include residential and commercial plots. As per statistics, the net worth of residential units is 800 millions. Net worth of commercial buildings is 400 million. Net worth of high rise buildings is 550 millions. Annual rental value of assets is declared as 15 million and annual escalation of property value is 7 percent.

Market Survey and Consumer Behaviour

According to a recent survey conducted by site developers, people are interested in buying or constructing houses with a basement as well. Other than this, 5 marla plots and constructed houses are in demand. Buyers are more interested to buy 5 marla sized property. Finally, the demand for flats is high as they are near to education institutes and the site is already providing the facility of apartments. Although developers are receiving the  demand of furnished flats as well, this condition is not fulfilled yet.

Kharian Cantt Project Location

Kharian cantt site is located on main GT road opposite to Kharian , which makes the location more admirable and attractive.

Kharian Cantt Map

Kharian Cantt NOC Details

The project occupies less than 100 acres of land that’s why this mega project does not have NOC as NOC is only applicable to land more than 100 acres.

Kharian Proposed Master Plan

Master plan is said to be the backbone of every construction site or housing scheme. None of society or construction begins without a properly designed master plan. Master plan provides an overview of the housing project in which developers decide the overall planning and strategies to be followed during construction. The master plan usually comprises proposed blocks, phases, plot sizes, commercial zones and which facilities should be added in the developing site or construction area.

According to Kharian’s proposed master plan , the site is based on multiple phases which includes phase 1 , phase 2 and phase 3 and phase 4. All these phases majorly comprise residential and commercial plots of 5 , 7 , 10 marla . Commercial zone is the most highlighted factor in the proposed master plan that includes development of luxurious shopping malls with the availability of multiple shops including all trending national and global brands, kids play area, cinema and food court.

Division of Phases:

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4

Availability of residential plots

  • 5 marla
  • 7 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 20 marla or 1 kanal

Availability of Commercial Plots

  • 5 marla

Kharian Cantt Payment Plan

According to the Kharian Cantt payment plan, the plot for sale is decided as  10 lac per marla for residential plots and 14 lac for commercial plots.

Facilities and amenities

Facilities are the most important factor in every master plan because the facilities offered by a society or housing project is the major cause of attraction for buyers or investors. For such reason , the kharian cantt project will offer following amenities:

  1. Outstanding Commercial Zone
  2. High Rise Apartment Building with HeliPad
  3. Artificial Waterfall
  4. Underwater themed Restaurant
  5. Availability of mosques
  6. Affordable apartments
  7. Availability of schools
  8. Availability of Healthcare
  9. Availability of playgrounds
  10. Availability to 24/4 utilities
  11. Access to GT Road
  12.  Availability of  gymnasium for gym lovers
  13. Eco friendly environment
  14. 24/7 security
  15.  Availability of internet
  16. Beautiful clean wide roads including 40 ft main road and 30 ft other streets
  17. Easy access to Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  18. Best opportunity for commercial investment
  19. Availability of affordable plots both residential and commercial
  20. Exposure to Beautiful kharian cantt weather


Market Opportunity for Investors

  1. Ideal location to attract more and more people to commercial zone
  2. Less competitors
  3. All in one , best location to invest for commercial purpose as the kharian cantt site is all about development of residential and commercial zone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the exact location of Kharian cantt development site?

Ans: The development site of Kharian cantt is located near to main GT Road

Q: why to invest in Kharian Cantt?

Ans: This is the best opportunity for those who are nature lovers and looking for  commercial investments , as the projects mainly promote commercial zones for investment purposes.

Q: Does this project have NOC credibility?

Ans: According to rules regarding property , a land area that comprises more than 100 acres is applicable to NOC approval.Kharian Cantt project offers less than 100 acres.

Q: What amenities does the Kharian cantt project offer?

Ans: Following facilities are offering by this remarkable projects:

Outstanding Commercial Zone

High Rise Apartment Building with HeliPad

Artificial Waterfall

Underwater themed Restaurant

Availability of Healthcare

Availability of playgrounds

Availability to 24/4 utilities

Access to GT Road

 Availability of  gymnasium for gym lovers

Eco friendly environment

24/7 security

 Availability of internet

Beautiful clean wide roads including 40 ft main road and 30 ft other streets

Easy access to Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Best opportunity for commercial investment

Availability of affordable plots both residential and commercial

Exposure to Beautiful kharian cantt weather


Bottom Line

Attraction towards beauty and beautiful things or location is part of human nature. Every scenario that is eye-catching or attractive surely attracts the humans towards it. City of Kharian is the true example of this because its beautiful sights and location is the key factor of its attraction and that’s a reason  it is called Replica of Norway in Pakistan. Keeping this fact of Kharian’s ideal location, Mac Architects offered the remarkable project Kharian Cantt for residential and commercial investment. The project is 100 percent authentic and ideal for those who are looking for commercial  as well as residential investment. In addition to this, the project offers plots at a very affordable range with multiple facilities and amenities. For further details and information visit or contact Top marketing head office.

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