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Top Star Marketing is a Private Limited Company that is formed with a vision to cater all your real estate needs. In property business since 30 years, Top Star Marketing is a leading real estate company of Pakistan working under the chairmanship of Lieutenant General (R) Faiz Ali Chishti, SI(Military), and Managing Director Jahangir Iqbal Kiyani. Its parent company is KPD Marketing that has launched and completed successful projects in Pakistan.

Top Star Marketing (Private) Limited (formerly KPD Marketing) is the most prestigious name is real estate development and the construction industry in Pakistan. Top Star Marketing are pioneers in the introduction of innovative concepts in urban residential living and dominate real estate development in Pakistan. In the provincial metropolis of Punjab, Top Star Marketing is clear leaders in terms of the number of residential and commercial projects undertaken and completed. In fact, in the private sector they have built more residential units than the cumulative total of all their competitors put together.

Top Star Marketing has more than two decades of experience in designing and building successful residential and commercial projects. We have continuously set high standards in real estate development that the others simply follow and are regarded as trendsetters by their competitors and by the vast bank of their satisfied clientele.

The success of Top Star Marketing is based on innovative architectural and planning philosophy, high standards of construction and management and a professional team geared to service delivery. Since inception, Top Star Marketing has been working with a mission to provide for the residential needs of a growing middle class by building high quality houses at an affordable price. At the same time, we have not neglected the aspirations of the professional and business community and have worked assiduously to provide them with modern and contemporary commercial buildings.

Top Star marketing is a private organization which is not only working for organizational projects, marketing & developing. But also provides the best standard building facilities. This organization is based on experienced architects. Civil engineering and hardworking team members, who have achieved an outstanding Success in a short span of time, organizations’ cannot again success in month but they have to work for years. They have to go through a lot of difficulties and with the help “Allah Almighty” difficulties and with success. The organizational achievement is not only dependents on one brain on but gained through thoughts and hard work of artistic people.



Chairman’s Message        

Specialty of a company is providing business opportunities nationwide according to the requirements, variability, revolving Market business or personalized demands. We have planned to build stable relationship with our customers in long run. Our mission is to provide complete housing solution to you. We strive for excellence in our business, and we in our company have the desire and ambition to provide services and products that help us improve our investments, keep up with the real estate industry, provide innovative products that are integrated from concept to implementation, and serve our customers.

The work of our constants’ credibility and our future vision in the field of investment and real estate development enable us to keep up with the demands of change, and our first steps toward restructuring our business in order to develop ourselves and the desire to meet the needs of the Pakistani real estate market for commercial projects.

With the evolution of the real estate market, investing ideas, and the range of activities within the real estate industry, it is critical for real estate investors to recognize the necessity of specialization and strive toward a clear vision and objectives in order to achieve success.

From there, we established our investment rules to work collaboratively and select the right partners and allies to carry out projects from concept to completion, starting with the study of the idea and progressing through development, finance, construction, marketing, and sales of various real estate projects.

We will work with all of our energy and in collaboration with our customers to realize our vision and goals, and we will produce commercial products that meet the highest criteria for our target market.

Regional/Project/Managing Director

To begin, I’d want to express my gratitude for your interest in our organization. I truly hope that we will be able to give you with any information you require, whether you are a client, an investor, or a member of our own staff.

Top Star Marketing Private Limited takes great pride in all it does, and the projects we want to deliver will be shining examples of what can be accomplished when talented minds join together to make a difference in the world.

Industry experts consider us to be Pakistan’s fastest emerging real estate star, and I feel that our hard work, determination, foresight, and technology advantage over our competition are the true differentiators when comparisons are made and experts take notes.

Attention to detail, superior quality, resource maximization, and elegant aesthetics are just some of the standards we demand throughout our projects – from residential to commercial, when we build, the entire process from design to execution to its final delivery – we try to ensure that the experience of living and working in a Signature property is truly unparalleled.

All properties bearing our brand’s name have a magical touch to them, from cutting-edge, design-driven facades produced in close collaboration with award-winning architects to plush, ultra-luxurious interiors created with the unique demands of the markets we serve in mind. We continue to elevate the bar of luxury living in Pakistan with each of our projects.

We have a broad and diverse presence in the real estate industry as a corporation. As fresh doors of opportunity open, we are well positioned to build a name for ourselves in Pakistan Real Estate in the future years.

CEO Message

Every major accomplishment in the world begins with a little step. Our real estate firm began with a simple step in the mid-1980s when a dedicated guy named Jahangir Kayani began building homes in his neighborhood and founded his own construction company in Pakistan. Since then, with his hard work, determination, and most importantly, his building of trust and goodwill, his company grew to become a major player in the construction industry in Pakistan.

As the Company’s Management duty was passed to me, I was inspired by the same vision and guiding values. I also saw the importance of broadening the Company’s activities in order to modernize it and achieve growth.

The third generation is currently being developed, and I am delighted to report that it is guided by the same unwavering principles of hard labor, integrity, high moral values, and goodwill building as the previous two generations.

Over the previous three decades, Twin Cities has experienced unprecedented growth in terms of size, population, and contemporary infrastructure, and has established itself as the indisputable center of Business and High Technology. All projections for the next decade foresee exponential growth, with Pakistani leaders focused on tourism, local industry, and the media and communication industry.

The Top Star Group is ideally positioned to become a major role in Pakistan’s growth as well as in the construction, trade, and industry sectors. We are always on the lookout for new ways to grow and invest in activities that benefit our shareholders, customers, partners, and employees.

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